Monday, May 10, 2010

Where I Once Wuz...

Once upon a time I used to live in this house. It was then and still now one of the most favorite places I lived in. In the early 1900 during segregation, it was a Jewish Tennis Club. And still have very good bones.

En route to the library I made a point to stop in and introduce myself to the most recent owners who are in process of remodeling it. It is even now a lovely place and evokes many fond memories. I promised the owners to return with pictures of what it used to look like before the storm when I had tons of murals in all the rooms.

I even stopped in to see many of my neighbors who had return and living on the block since Katrina. Across the street half the block burned down from a gas leak, but Ms Virgil now 80 sat on her porch this morning and told me how the houses was in the 1940's having been a school up until the 1960's. Ms. Virgil funny sharp and smart as a whip filled me in on a lot of the history not only of that time but of her own childhood one of 18 children in St. Landry Parish. I did indeed promised her I would come back to see her and the other elderly sisters-friends who stand guard over another time since I live almost shotgun from them on another street.

That time I will be smart enough to record them since I am working on a project for the New Orleans African American Museum in Treme. Another place and another time needs recording and their lives kept.

One day it will be me that someone will record, so I besta get to practing now...

The daisies I photograph on my way home. Its a good Monday...

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