Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I Like it Like that....-ABC26 News segment "Presidents & Promises

I loved this quote from what ABC News 26 aired yesterday from whats they called "the Ambassador of Optimism from a teenager & Lower 9th Ward resident in a segment they did on the oil spill in Southern La and how the assistance compares to what & what was not done in speed after Katrina.

The young man said: " They want New Orleans gone, but we are not gonna let it happen like that ya heah me..."~ Troy Tgner . segment entitled "Presidents & Promises" The segment is only four & one-half minutes long. Please see it in its entirety...

He was not saying the "they" were the residents of Southern La. want New Orleans gone by no mean, only that with all that has happen, we... all Louisianians are not gonna let "it" happen, no matter what befalls us.

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