Monday, May 3, 2010

I couldn't have said it better...

As we are in the news still again because of the oil spill I thought it was apropos to read this in the Times Picayune this morning: "You can try to drown us... You can pour oil all over us, but the soul of this city (New Orleans) lives on in its music"~ Quint Davis producer of Jazzfest.

I like to add to the passion of his statement, the music, the arts, it's movement/ the rhythm & muse, it's vibrancy, it's can do will not laid down and die attitude,the people, the jive & thrive will always be there. It continues and as we get up still yet another day and do what needs to be done.

Today we usher in a new mayor,Mitch Landrieu and wish the best and good rest for the one who has departed, C. Ray Nagin.

I happen to like them both and I am only sadden in the sense of some who all the way to the last day chose to vilify and make Mr. Nagin and whipping boy for what they perceive all the wrongs that were laid at his feet.

No one can deny one irrefutable fact.. He stayed... As a freshman Mayor in one of the most awesome catastrophic events in the history of this nation... There are very few among us who name is Moses who could have done any better with what was thrust upon him 3 years into his tenure.

And while I do indeed admire the new Mayor especially all he has done for musicians in his tenure as the Lt Govenor for Louisiana, I hope people will give him the break they should have given to Nagin, to let him be about his business. I trust he will also give homage to C. Ray Nagin as time goes by for all that he worked hard to do.

Some are already building him to to be the Drew Brees mayor...

I expect him to be mortal, to make errors, change the plans, throw out a couple of Hail Mary's but at the end of the day simply be a decent man who is working hard for this town who has been & seen much.

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