Monday, May 17, 2010

N.O Food & Farm Network~Who Would have Thunk it?

Who would have thunk it?

Me with an organic garden

All thanks to the New Orleans Food & Farm Network who have been huge advocates of people grown their own healthy foods.

For me, since I am somewhat limited in mobility until post surgery, mine were put in containers so I can actually sit & sown, weed & plant....
Right now I have tomatoes, green peppers, eggplants growing... I am seeing the tops of my watermelons, cantaloupe, African Daisies & Echincea rearing up. I will be starting the Thai basil cucumbers, green beans, okra & artichokes before departure as to have something nice to come back to...

When I return I will get the berries going and a host of other things.

Who would have thought I would have an organic garden? I read today there are in many places over a half a million or more people without access to a supermarket to buy healthy food but that have instead a cornerstone of a convenience store, fried fast food, a liquor store instead. So it is not by accident that there is a correlation with obesity and other nutrition related issues.

Here in New Orleans the New Orleans Food & Farm Network has been going out aiding people to start growing their own food. They assist as in my case with start up container gardens with basic soil, mulch, help to start a compost, seeds and seedling + labor.

Then you take it from there as to what else you want to, er, bring to the table.

I had not had a veggie garden since I was a child although in the last couple of years I started back to planting flowers. Now I have expanded.. My hope is to take what I do not need & will be donating to a local food bank that aids young women with children & the homeless.

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