Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Way to Grow: This is the Way & How You Do it...


I am delighted to learn that this Thursday the New Orleans Food & Farm Network will be bringing a host of volunteers in to plant. I will have container gardens chocked full of herbs veggie, fruit and floweras to boot. I am delighted as it will be my 1st vegetable garden since I was a child although I have been growing flowers for the last few years. They have been providing immeasureable service to people as the city as been moving along toward being more green.

From their website:

"The New Orleans Food & Farm Network believes everyone should have access to fresh, healthy, and sustainably produced food for the long-term health of our environment, economy, and communities. We work with individuals, organizations, growers and communities to help make fresh, healthy food more accessible to everyone. We do this by:Celebrating and supporting "what's right" in our local food systemBringing people together to identify gaps in access to fresh foodsCreating, with our partners, neighborhood and city-wide food projects that fill those gaps for all members of the community.

Find out more about how we work through:
Advocacy & Networking

Building Good Food Neighborhoods

Educating & Supporting Our Communities"

New Orleans Food & Farm Network
P.O. Box 13185 New Orleans, LA 70185-3185

We have mad community gardens all over the city with more popping up. And I am delighted to be able to choose what veggies, herbs & fruit I want. I will tend to it which the side benefit with be movement, burn calories & food that taste like food. Of course the artist in me will find a way to create some art on the containers to enhance the produce...

I like their proactive weigh of ensuring that all have equal access to safe & healthy food.

Check out their website and if you are not here, perhaps you can create it in your own neighborhood.


I plan to with my extra food to donate it to a local food bank.

"Each one reach one, teach one"

Also from their website (Please pass it forward):

The Oil Spill and How You Can Help
"Dear Friends of NOFFN

NOFFN is helping provide volunteers to support those in the affected areas of the oil spill. We are committed to supporting the fishers, their families and all the residents of coastal Louisiana. Currently, NOFFN is providing volunteer support to
Second Harvest to prepare food boxes for those in the affected area. The first boxes will be delivered today. We also strongly urge you to donate much needed food to Second Harvest in support of emergency food assistance. Sign up with Brendan at 504 864 2009 or brendan@noffn.org to be placed on our volunteer list. You will be notified as volunteer opportunities become available. Please consider a donation of food as well as your volunteer support. Every donation counts and you will make a difference! Please contact me at any time: 504 864 2009 ext 1 or daphne@noffn.org.

Annually, Second Harvest serves approximately 262,800 people, including 82,000 children and 40,000 seniors, through 235 nonprofit and faith-based agencies across 23 south Louisiana parishes. In any given week, nearly 42,000 people access emergency food services through Second Harvest Food Bank member agencies.This is a critical time for food donations. Second Harvest Food Bank is working to ensure that families along coastal Louisiana whose livelihood may be impacted by the devastating effects of the explosion and oil spill will not go hungry. Moreover, Second Harvest is preparing for the increased need for emergency food assistance during the summer months when families in need are faced with replacing meals for children who are out of school.

Suggested food donations include:
peanut butter
soups / stews
canned fruits / vegetables
canned meats (chicken, beef, ham)
tuna fish
hot cereals (grits, oatmeal)
shelf stable milk
baby items

Food donations may be delivered to Second Harvest Food Bank at 700 Edwards Avenue in the Elmwood warehouse district area, Monday through Friday from 8am – 3:30pm. Food donations may also be brought to local Rouses Supermarkets and placed in red collection barrels as part of the Rouses Stop Hunger Program.

Way to Grow!NOFFN!

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