Monday, March 12, 2012

Easy as Sunday morning...

Yesterday was very good from start to finish. In the morning,one of my neighbors was strumming a acoustic guitar sitting on her stoop singing a blues tinged song that was solid in it Bonnie Raitt-like riffs having a good old time while I was doing something more mudance: taking out the garbage. We smile & waved without her missing a note. Although I did not get to go,as I was having dinner with a friend,there was an open air free concert in part with visiting Brazilian drummers. It was at Congo Square, totally appropiately housed at Armstrong Park on N. Rampart in Treme

Publish Your Quilts: The Publish Your Quilts posts will start on March 26 - do join!

Publish Your Quilts: The Publish Your Quilts posts will start on March 26 - do join!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

It's Been More then a Moment...

I have not posted for far longer then I realized. So much has happened in 10 months that it would sound like Ripley's Believe it or not. So I won't except to say that I've downtown after 2yrs of being Uptown New Orleans. It seems I've come full circle... I was a "downtown girl living in an Uptown world" to coin Billy Joel. I've moved in the Lower 9th Ward See a few of the images below as I explore. You'll see the French Market house @ the edge ofthe old city now the French Quarters. The 3rd picture is viewing the old city "La Nouvelle-Orleans" in the right side of the backdrop. And to the left side the skyline of contemporary N'Awlins with the French Market. The 3 other pictures are of the Bywater community one of the homes with their very public art. As time goes by I will show more. I just had family in town last week & one of them was warned as a cautionary method, to "stay away from the Lower 9th Ward". I asked had these people ever been here. Of course not! What they knew was a convoluted overly sensationalized hot mess passing for journalism on a bad day. How ironic that the guest not only residing in the Lower 9th Ward but below the Industrial Canal. Not one gunshot National Guard or gold tooth pants dragging hoodlum bent on doing wrong. How about that?