Monday, December 20, 2010

O..OH OMG Oatmeal! I ate oatmeal!

I did something today (I know there is a full moon), I've only done one other time since 1960...

I ate a bowl of oatmeal.

Yes! Me! Who would have thunk it?

Now don't keel over from shock even though I almost did.  I do not like oatmeal, hated it as child along with grits.

Yes I know all the health benefits to oatmeal: reduces cholesterol, helps in lowering blood pressure, fiber, yada, yada, yada.  , I just have hated it; never got over the intense dislike.

But I promised a friend who suggested something I found a bit intriguing to see if I could (no pun intended) swallow it.

Well by golly, it worked!  What was the suggestion? Something I love and would drink all year long...


Yup eggnog....

So what I did after preparing the oatmeal in which I had added cinnamon and finely chopped apples

 I poured a 1/4 a cup of warm eggnog, took a deep breath & went for it.

It was really rather good.  I had to resist the mental process so I can be open to giving oatmeal the benefit of the doubt & actually liked it.

Ok, I did not have a coronary from ingesting.

Yet no one rolled out the brass band with a second line...

Shucks! Well you can't win it all :=).

But I was pleased and now almost 5 hours later I am still full, satisfied.

So who knows maybe it will become part of my new regimen as I bring forth more micro-adventures.

So it was mission accomplished.

But I forewarn anyone, I will not, unequivocally NOT consume grits.  It took me 50 years for oatmeal, I do not have the time or desire to manage grits!

Ya Ya!

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