Saturday, June 20, 2015

Changed Waters exhibtion to open August 1

 “You can do two things when people throw rocks at you. Pick them up and throw them back, or collect those stones and build yourself a castle. ~Terence Howard

 There will be a number artists exhibiting their work in this exhbition with expressing where they are today or reflecting where they were when boulders was being hurled at them during the storm.  I searched for visual imagery for my own story and decided I need to go back for a moment...

Fortunately my neighbor at that time, musician Ben Schneck of the Panorama Jazz Band was kind enough to return to the house and shot these images in Oct rough about 5 weeks out from the storm

The images I am showing here were from my old place Uptown New Orleans roughly about 5 weeks after Hurricane Katrina & Rita and the levees breaking.  I had a viscereal response.

If anything, it solidifies for me why I must do the "Changed Waters: Thrown Rocks, Building Castles" exhibition that will open Aug1 through Sept 6th,2015.

Fortunately in one way, I am I was not here but actually had just been ask to extend my residency at Bennett College for Women in North Carolina. I was literally two weeks out from the storm preparing to return back to New Orleans.

But for all intent and purposes I was.  More on that later.

You can see the bags caught in the trees outside my bay windows.  Mind you this is two floors above ground.  The murals were done by artist Michele Lambertthat I had commissioned in 2000.

Bay window view

In my dining room

Dining room

Inscribe by the person who rented the house after I moved out

The fire that took out the whole block across the street from me.

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