Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Changed Waters exhibition: Introducing artists Valentine Pierce

Ms Valentine Pierce, artist

Both works are mixed media about Katrina. The images came from photographs I took around the city when I came back in December of 2005. The poem/prose are from about a dozen notebooks I had written over the course of about two years from August 2005 to January 2007 that became a work called, "Hell and High Water: A Writer's Notebook on America's International Disgrace." My goal when I started the project was just to document but, as with all projects, it took on a life if it's own.

I used photography, paint, paper, cardboard and old frames. That is, I used what was left after Hurricane Katrina ravished the city.
"3 Dead" was written on a house in the Ninth Ward. I don't remember, beyond the broad event of the hurricane what generated the prose. It is 18"w x 15.5"h.
"Standing Still": The photo is from the Ninth Ward; the poem was born as a result of standing in the middle of Tulane and Broad photographing with absolutely no traffic. Anyone who knows this city knows you can't just pull over anywhere near Tulane and Broad and stand in the middle of the street with a camera. It is 19"w x 14.75"h.

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