Tuesday, November 2, 2010

At this Moment~ Still standing...

10-24-10 Oretha Castle Haley Bl with a view of downtown New Orleans.

It never fails whenever I take a visitor on a mini tour of the city how I see my hometown in a diferent way.

Saturday after taking a couple of visitors on a tour of the Lower 9th Ward watching how other people seem to have a total lack of regard for the pioneers who moved back & rebuild. (That experiemce is a whole different story & I do not want to get on my soap box about that).

Back to subject; I wanted my guests to see the Musian Villiage & the being built Ellis Marsali Music Center we came across a part of a house that I had seen once before but could not remember where it was to photograph.  Lo & behold we found it:

 Side "back" of house
 Toddler's sneaker
 "Back" of house
 Guest & 9th Ward resident
Side of house

I still marvel that the front is still standing.  However it was my guest who discovered the toddler's sneaker still hanging on the tree. 

As sad as it may seem, it still indicate that someone(s) made a mark & despite it all at this moment we are still standing.

May we never underestimate the extraordinary capacity one may have to be resilient at this moment.

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