Saturday, September 25, 2010

I'm Walkin', Yes Indeed~Exploring the neighborhoods again...

Creole "cottage" on steroids :=) (above)
Creole cottage(above)

A couple of days ago I started back to walking albeit micro-walks in order to gain strength & endurance.

Each week I will add a couple of blocks on so I can get around the neighborhood while regaining strength. It is always delightful to see what my neighboirs (or their gardeners) are doing in their yards!

I double the block from yesterday and managed 4.4 blocks. I think for this week it is my set point. It was enough to bring me into a slight sweat & took me 15 minutes to complete, but that is good considering I am re-entering after convalescing. I live in a neighborhood that has lovely architecture & lots of interesting things to look at o I always have my trusty camera with me just in case.

I've have missed a number of things while being ill. I enjoyed being outside, feeling the sun, filling my eyes with a myraid of visuals & an occasionaly chat.

I am going at it slowly as I still have healing time in front of me, but doing it with my doctor's blessing.

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