Friday, August 6, 2010

Just the Two of us~Still Under Construction

Oil rig
Carved in the payment in neighborhood. Apparently done in 2007
Westbank bridge over Mississippi
New Growth
Amazing what a Little TLC & attention can do to something neglected...

A neighbor's lawn guy had tossed this in the trash & I discovered & retrieved as I was returning from wandering the neighborhood. To lok at it now you would not have believed what it look like 3 weeks ago.

We throw too many things away without even a try...

I am still working on changing the layout of this blog, so for now this is the one I am playing around with... I'm a little slow, but once I get it, I really get it.

So the blog & I are under construction for the next couple of weeks. Unlike the blog, it will take me a little longer to get all the kinks hammered out, but then I will be doing so much better. I am looking forward to it, D-day August 11th where I will have corrected "what had not been done".

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