Friday, December 12, 2014

Singing Our Song: Seasoned en Vieux exhibition at Gallerie 1501

Samples of some of the art that will be in a pop up gallerie commencing Dec 16th, 2014. 
This is a temporary exhibition to showcase multiple senior citizen working artist s through the kindness of HRI Properties until the permanent retail business set up shop.
This is a wonderful gesture from them that enhancing the lives & sensibilities of their tenants as well as this part of Canal Street undergoing a Renaissance.We've gotten a lot of positive responses from surrounding businesses as well as the tenants themselves.
Kudis to the artist who have contributed their lovely works to make Seasoned en Vieux happen. About 75% of the artists are over 60.  There is a cross section of others includedbased on their genre, new/emerging or established artists.  About 10% are disabled 50% female, etc
Seasoned en Vieux (A Seasoned View) has several layers, in part showing the world that 60 plus anybody is not dead.  And also that artists never retire, they simply become more seasoned.
We want to dispel the over-used, out-dated, stereotypical ideas ones including some seniors themselves, have about the process of growing older.
There is not one single solitary thing we the ones revisiting the 60s again, have to apologize for.  We do/shall/ must make it clear that it is up to us how we define ourselves.  As Sandra Berry, retire gallery owner of The Neighborhood Gallery and currently an art consultant turning 70 a couple of months ago say: "If we do not sing our own song, leaving it to someone else, they will never get it right"
Home of the Pop up Gallery at 1501 Canal Street, New Orleans, La and the Marais Senior Apartments

Gailene St. Armand, artist 

Silk Rivers Metal,artist

Louis Armstrong, Sheila Pipps, artist
Doreen, The Clairinet Queen, Sheila Pipps

Jeff Todd, artist

"Spirited"  Saundra Dymond, artist

"Mardi Gras World"~ Saundra Dymond. artist


Painted Slated Tiles,~ Kenny Andrews

Artist Jeff Todd

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