Friday, January 1, 2010

Moving on Up(town)

What a way to kick off the new year but to move into my more permanent dwelling. I am delighted it will be in my old neighborhood. Ironically I am just 2 blocks away from the pink apartment building & the park that was featured in Brad Pitts' love tribute to New Orleans "The Curious Life & Times of Benjamin Button" in 2008. In fact, much of this eclectic neighborhood is in the movie.

It is a walking neighborhood & if you like architecture you will be in a smorgasbord of a neighborhood even Katrina could not completely bring it to its knees,(but came close).

My place turn 100 this year, but has a 2010 face lift where it counts. But I love the cypress floors,French doors, 2 non working fireplaces that has the original ceramic tiles eye lining the hearths.

And a humongous kitchen by creolized New Orleans standards. And because of modern reconstruction, lots of closets.

So now I will itch for spring so I can put in a floral, vegetable,herb garden in (again for New Orleans), a large back yard. I will also be implementing some of my garden art for an additional lagniappe since I will be starting my Burnt Toast salons, too, in the spring.

More on that later...

Oh am I, despite a less then ideal start when took a leap of face taking a home that did not measure up to safety & health basics, am I delghted to have brought it back home!

Now to get to work...

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